The Atlantic Fellows Program experience is transformational for many Fellows – and for some it triggers the decision to make a career change, or to start a new mission-oriented venture.  

The Atlantic Institute externships provide an opportunity to provide modest financial support to a Senior Fellow while he / she works towards a new role or activity – while also enabling the Institute to draw on Senior Fellow ideas and expertise for stand-alone consultancy tasks related to its work with the Senior Fellow community.  Areas of expertise might include areas like convening design and facilitation or thought leadership and resource development.   As the Institute gains more clarity on the needs of the programs and Senior Fellow, these areas of expertise will emerge.   

  • Externships may be for 3 or 6 months.  They will normally be in the Fellow’s home country or usual place of residence.  
  • The first externships will be opened for applications in February, 2019.

The Atlantic Institute will advertise externship opportunities to the Senior Fellow community on a biannual basis (January and July). The determination of tasks to be offered for externships, and the final decision on externship selection tasks, sits with the AI Executive Director.  The Executive Director will consult with the relevant Program before making any offer to a Senior Fellow. Externs will work under a consultancy contract with the Atlantic Institute and where relevant, externs might expect to make up to two visits to the Institute in Oxford during their externship, with the costs of travel (economy class) and accommodation covered by the Institute.  

The allocation of externships will be determined by the relevance of Senior Fellow experience and skills to the tasks to be completed and applicants must verify that they are legally able to contract to work for up to 2 days per week, and have the time to do so.  Endorsement by the Fellow’s Program will be required.

A single externship daily rate of GBP 250 (two days per week) will be paid to externs, irrespective of where they are located.  Externships may run for 3 or 6 months, depending on the nature of the consultancy tasks for the Institute.


There are no current externship openings but please watch this space.  New externships will also be announced on news and views as they become available.