The purpose of the Learning and Connection Grants is to facilitate face-to-face connection between Senior Fellows from different Atlantic Fellows Programs, for learning, sharing and advancement of collaborative projects.

The grant covers economy class airfare and a per diem for up to three days to visit a Senior Fellow from outside your local Program.  The visit must have a clear purpose aligned with the overall aims of the Atlantic Fellowship – of advancing fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies.  And it should benefit both visitor and host – whether through the exchange of experience and ideas, or through brainstorming a collaborative project.

The deadline for applications is on 15th of each month, with a rolling monthly start date on the same day.  

There is a simple online application form which asks whom you want to visit, why, and what you hope to learn from this opportunity. It also asks for a commitment, by visitor and host, to report back to other Atlantic Fellows about your experience, through the Hub.  

Applications received by the 15th of each month will be reviewed, and decisions returned, by the 15th of the following month.

If you have any questions not addressed in the FAQs below, please contact: Evie O’Brien 

Learning and Connection Grant form 


Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to know before applying?

When is the application deadline?

There is a monthly call for applications.  Applications are due on the 15th of each month, and applicants can expect to know the result on the 15th of the following month.

What is the purpose of the grant?

The purpose of the grant is to facilitate face-to-face connection between Senior Fellows from different Atlantic Fellows programs.  You will need to demonstrate that:

  • A clear agreed purpose aligned with the overall aims of the Atlantic Fellowship of advancing fairer, healthier, more inclusive societies
  • A connection has already occurred between you and the hosting Senior Fellow and that there is benefit for both Fellows
  • There has been thorough preparation and thought given to the visit and the intended outcomes 

Can I use the grant to work with a Senior Fellow in my own Program?

No – these grants are designed to encourage and facilitate cross-Program collaboration with Senior Fellows outside your own Program. 

What can I use this grant to do?

The Learning and Connection grant can be used to travel to visit a Senior Fellow from another program to learn from their experience, visit their work environment and create ideas for new or existing projects. It may also be an opportunity to visit with the hosting fellows local Atlantic program and/or partner organizations.  Other creative ideas to use this grant are welcome with the primary aim being connection and learning from each other across Programs. 

What will the Atlantic Institute fund?

The Institute will provide an economy class airfare and pay up to 3 days of per diem, at GBP50 per day.

Is hotel or lodging covered?

There is no specific lodging allowance, but Senior Fellows have the discretion to use the per diem to help cover any other expenses, including accommodation. Senior Fellows are encouraged to find affordable accommodation through hostels, online housing or hotel providers, or through being hosted by the Senior Fellow they are visiting.

What about the cost of visas and inoculations?

The grant does not cover the cost of visas and inoculations however if you would like to discuss this further with the institute, please get in touch with Evie O’Brien

What does the per diem cover?

The per diem covers any expenses incurred during your visit.

Will I have to pay tax on the per diem?

In many countries, receiving funds that reimburse the cost of expenses is not taxable as expenses are not considered income. Please check with your local country’s tax rules for more information.

How many times can a Senior Fellow apply for a Learning and Connection Grant?

We want to ensure that all Senior Fellows have the opportunity to apply for these grants, against a finite budget. During the pilot period (through December 2020), a Senior Fellow may apply on a number of occasions, however the grant will only be awarded once per Senior Fellow.

Is there a time limit for using the approved grant?

Learning and Connection grants will be announced within 30 days from the application deadline.  You will be expected to use the grant within the following two to six months of receiving notification that your visit has been approved. Note: Once successfully notified, Senior Fellows may want to book travel right away for two to three months from the notification date to obtain the best possible rates on airfare.

What are the obligations for the hosting fellow?

The hosting fellow is providing the gift of hospitality and their time; the exact details of which should be negotiated and agreed prior to the visit taking place.  The hosting has the opportunity to offer other extensions of hospitality and this would be dependent on context and resources negotiated between the two parties.

The hosting fellow will be contacted by Atlantic Institute and they will be asked to validate that they are in agreement with the visit, are able to spend the time and are committed to the co-creation of the story.    

Does the hosting fellow receive a per diem?

No, at this stage the grant is for the visiting fellow, however if the connections become resource intensive on any individual fellow, please contact Evie O’Brien to discuss further.   

Can I request an extension if plans change?

Plans can often change due to reasons outside one’s control. Requests for extensions will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Evie O'Brien

I’d like to connect, but I’m not sure who has the experience/expertise I’m looking for – is there help?

The Atlantic Fellows Hub has profiles of every Senior Fellow.  Please review the profiles and if you would like to discuss any of the connections or for the Institute to recommend connections, please contact Evie O’Brien 

After I submit, what can I expect?

Who makes the final decision?

As these are relatively small and quick grants, the final approval will be made by the Executive Director of Atlantic Institute, with no objection from the applicant’s own Program.

When will I receive notice of the decision?

Notice of the decision will be delivered usually by the middle of the month after application.

What happens if my application is not approved?

Great care will be taken to explain why an application does not sufficiently meet the criteria and suggestions will be made to ensure future success.

I’ve been approved, what happens next?

How will I receive the grant?

You will need to complete an Atlantic Institute Travel Form that will be sent to you upon approval, which includes bank details for the payment of your per diem.

Do I have to arrange my own travel?

No, flights will be arranged through Atlantic Institute, however ground transfer and accommodation is your own responsibility.  

Do I need to keep my receipts?

No, the Institute does not require submission of receipts – but for tax purposes, it is of course always wise to keep these for your own reference.  

At the end of the grant, what happens next?

Am I required to report back to the Atlantic Institute once the funds have been used?

Within 30 days of the visit, the visiting Fellow is required to confirm the visit has taken place, and share the story about the experience in any medium that can be shared on the Atlantic Fellows Hub i.e. video, audio, blogs, vlogs, story-telling etc.  If you require any assistance or further details, please contact Fionnuala Sweeney

Can I apply for another Learning and Connection Grant?

No, in the initial phase a Senior Fellow is eligible to receive one grant in the period up to December 2020

Is there an evaluation form where I can answer questions about my experience?

Yes, an evaluation form will be sent to you after submission of your experience.   Your feedback is important to ensure continuity and evaluation of the process. The Atlantic Institute is always looking to improve based on constant feedback from Senior Fellows.  

How will the Atlantic Institute learn about the impact of these grants?

The Atlantic Institute is interested in understanding the impact the connection has had on the Fellows’ personal and professional development.   We will keep in touch over a period of two years after submission of your story.