Privacy Policy

The Atlantic Institute holds personal records on Atlantic Fellows who have been awarded an Atlantic Fellowship. These details are held to provide the Atlantic Institute with an up-to-date source of data on all current and former Atlantic Fellows, donors, support staff and friends of the Atlantic Fellows Program. The purposes of storing this data are to enhance the quality of our communication with you at all levels and to develop a better appreciation of our relationship with you, and other Atlantic Fellows, support staff, donors and friends.

We respect your right to privacy and will keep safe any personal details that you give to us in line with the UK Legislation on Data Protection. For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998 (‘the DPA’) and in due course the EU General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’), the Rhodes Trust is the “data controller” of the personal data held with the Atlantic Institute.

What information do we collect about you?

Any personal data held at the Atlantic Institute about you will usually have been collected from you during the course of your relationship with the Atlantic Fellows Program. This will lead to your details being kept more up-to-date which will help improve our communications with you.  Some of the data may also have been obtained from publicly available sources and third parties, in particular the Program nodes where Atlantic Fellows were based, employed and/or studied.

The personal data that may be stored and processed at the Atlantic Institute  includes your name and title, contact details, information about your education history, club/society involvements, awards you have received (prizes, scholarships, accolades, bursaries etc.), current interests and activities (including honours, achievements, qualifications, etc.), spouse/partner and family details (i.e. the name and address of any such family member), professional activities, relationships to other Atlantic Fellows, staff and members of the Atlantic Fellows community, and communications activities by the Atlantic Institute and your attendance at events organised by the Atlantic Institute

How will we use the information about you?

Unless you have requested otherwise, the Atlantic Institute may use the data held on the database for a full range of communications activities from the Atlantic Institute with you (by mail, e-mail or telephone), including distribution of publications, the promotion of benefits and services (such as the Atlantic Fellows Network) and notification of alumni relations and events and programmes. The data will not be passed without your permission to external organisations or individuals other than those acting in a capacity as agents for the Atlantic Institute, and only after their purpose have been agreed and a confidentiality agreement signed. Please note that some users from the Atlantic Institute (including those within our international offices), may access your personal data held on the database from outside the European Economic Area and that many (the majority of) current Atlantic Fellows reside outside the European Economic Area.

The Atlantic Institute does not sell any data to third party organisations.

You have the right under the DPA to object to the holding of your data at the Atlantic Institute or the use of your data for any or all of the above purposes. Please contact the Atlantic Institute(see contact details below) if you wish to opt out of your details being held, or if you wish to opt out of receiving any or all of the range of communications activities, or if you wish to amend the contact information we use to reach you.

If you request that your data are removed from our database, we will remove all personal data, with the following exceptions:

  • your name, appointing Program and year;
  • details relating to the Fellowship awarded to you;
  • a note of the request to remove your data will be retained, to prevent you from being inadvertently contacted in the future;
  • information needed to comply with statutory requirements (such as in relation to Gift Aid) may be retained, but only for so long as those statutory requirements specify; and/or
  • an anonymous reference may be attributed to you in documentation compiled from the record of your event attendances and/or the record of donations that you have given, for the purposes of internal recording or accounting for any event attended, and for any donation required to be retained for audit, reporting or accounting purposes.

Will we share the information with anyone? Who?

Atlantic Fellows Hub

With your permission, we will create a profile on the Atlantic Fellows Hub for you. You will also have a chance to build up and update the profile yourself. We suggest that we and you include the following information, so that it may be searchable by your fellow Atlantic Fellows:

  • Your name
  • Atlantic Fellows program you are affiliated with
  • Experience and interests
  • City and country of residence.

You will be able to manually change these settings directly, to show more or less information.

Security measures and Data Retention

We take the security of your personal data very seriously. In addition to the security measures imposed on users by the database system itself, it is a condition of users accessing the data (including when this is from outside the UK or the EEA), that they undertake additional measures to protect the security of any personal data held.

In accordance with the principles of the DPA (and in time, GDPR), we aim to keep the data held with the Atlantic Institute up-to-date and only so long as the data are relevant for the above purposes or otherwise for reporting or auditing requirements of the Atlantic Institute. Please let us know if your details need updating at any time. Alternatively, you can amend your details online.


Information on cookies on the Atlantic Fellows Hub is available.

Accessing information and correcting it

If you wish to access the personal data held about you at the Atlantic Institute in respect of the Atlantic Fellows Program, have any queries about the use of your personal data held by the Atlantic Institute, wish to notify us of a change in your contact or other details or wish to request a change to the processing of your personal data, please contact the Atlantic Institute.. Alternatively, you can amend your details via our website.

Links to other websites

This Privacy Notice only covers the Atlantic Fellows Hub. It does not cover other websites and systems linked from the Hub except for those listed on page 1.

It also does not cover public systems which Atlantic Fellows may be encouraged to subscribe to, in particular ResearchGate and LinkedIn.

Changes to our policy

The Atlantic Institute reserves the right to revise this Privacy Notice from time to time. If changes are made, every practical attempt will be made to notify you. To ensure you receive these notifications, please ensure you keep the Atlantic Institute up to date with your latest contact details and add us to your ‘safe senders’ list.